Whether you are a success as a career woman or entrepreneur, starting over, or are redefining who you are, we all want to...
Be happy

Know we matter

Live the life of our dreams (whatever they maybe)

You are not alone.

These are normal and natural desires. However, along the way something happened-life happened- leaving you often appearing happy and confident on the outside. Yet, unhappy and dissatisfied on the inside with life as it is right now.

Improve Your Quality of Life.

The Secret to Happiness is learning from past experiences and using the emotional pain both as a tool and as fuel to ignite your self-determination within, to improve your life.

Because challenges, upsets, and setbacks hurt and can leave us confused, and unclear about what to do next.

OR even worse...

Like quicksand, can leave you feeling stuck, trapped, or hopeless and like there is no way out of your current situation or circumstances.

Good News.

Personal Power Within, Inc. was created to help you go from feeling powerless, to powerful as you increase you confidence, happiness, and self-esteem-to achieve your dreams!

Helping You Achieve Success and Happiness

To do this, the Founder, L.J. Jackson taps into her 20+ years of skills, training, and experience as an expert in the helping profession. While also utilizing tips, tools, and strategies from some of today's cutting edge and leading experts, to ensure she stays up-to-date and can offer you the very best products, programs, and events to: encourage, empower, and inspire you as a woman- be it locally, nationally, or internationally.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to help you take action to make your dreams happen! Plus, potentially release years of emotional pain in a short amount of time after using our products and participating in our programs.

Learn how to deal with your stress, mess, and whatever is causing you unhappiness.

Our Goal.

Our goal at Personal Power Within, Inc. is to ensure that you walk away motivated, changed, and better than before. To do this we make it a point to provide an emotionally safe space for you to have the best chance and opportunity to: reflect, heal, and grow personally.